Sports betting is making splashes today, with millions of people choosing to spice up their fandom with money bets on their favorite teams. Others don’t perceive betting as an addition to sports passion, choosing to make money on this business. But regardless of what approach you take to sports bets, it’s vital to learn from others’ mistakes and not to keep any dangerous illusions about this activity. Experts of reveal some of the most pronounced myths surrounding sports betting to make it safer for you.

#1 The outcome is always random

Some bettors think that after a losing streak, they are doomed to success. This false expectation makes them go all-in in some matches, but the odds don’t tilt in your favor only because you lost several times previously. The bitter truth is that you can lose 100 times without winning a single game.

#2 The longer you play, the more you win

The number of bets you make has nothing to do with the numbers you win. Only by making wise bets based on thorough research and analysis, you can maximize the winning odds.

#3 My secret strategy is bulletproof

Even if you have developed some lucky system of betting, don’t stake your life on it. It’s always probable that the system worked out several times only due to a lucky coincidence.

#4 Rituals save gamblers from failures

Ok, you have your lucky socks and never shave on the day of making a bet. If that’s what gives you more confidence – it’s totally fine to go on doing all those rituals. But don’t associate any magical force with them; rituals are only a matter of psychology and have nothing to do with the outcomes of the match on which

you wagered money. So, if your team feels unwell, its key members are injured, or the match will take place in unfavorable conditions, the rituals will hardly help.

#5 Bets can be placed only before the match

On some betting platforms, that’s true as you can make bets only before the game. However, with the progress of live streaming and live betting technology, in-play betting has also become popular, so now you can place bets at any moment the game takes a sudden turn. You only need to have a stable internet connection for the bet to be processed quickly until the odds change again.

#6 Betting is illegal and shameful

Legality of sports betting is an open question as it’s still banned in some jurisdictions. Thus, it may be true for your location. But as for the unfair, shameful nature of sports betting, that’s a total myth. This activity is now getting ever more popular, with many celebrities also engaging in sports wagers without hiding this passion.

#7 The odds depend on the market, not teams

It is true in part, especially for the betting exchanges. But overall, if one team is a champion and another one is a loser, even a million bets on the loser won’t change the odds dramatically.

#8 Betting the over is a losing bet

For some time, the statement was true, but football is changing, and the reality of today’s football style hints at this bet’s never-ending relevance.

#9 A larger number of bets makes for a better win

That’s not guaranteed as bettors win roughly in 50-55% of the time, and your bets can be losing as well. If you make many small bets, it’s a great way of diversifying the risks, but not a guarantee of winning.

#10 Betting on the stronger team guarantees a win

That’s not a rule of thumb as sport is full of everyday sensations. Thus, you may never know whether the match on which you wagered will end in an expected outcome or will become the hour of the new rising star’s triumph.