It’s an accepted fact that guys need a space to call their own. For some family men, it’s the shed at the bottom of the garden, or on an allotment. However, for those of us who like a bit of comfort, and whose main objective is to watch the big match undisturbed, a better alternative is a separate den, or ‘man cave.

Keep it separate

Like Bruce Wayne’s Bat Cave, your man cave should ideally be attached to the main house but separate. A basement room is ideal and although access via sliding down a pair of poles would be best, a simple set of stairs will suffice – though hiding them behind a concealed door in a bookcase would make a nice touch.

Remember, your man cave needs to be a warm, comfortable space where you can relax. A garage isn’t appropriate, but a basement, attic or annex room could be, provided there’s enough space for you and your friends to hang out with all the man cave accoutrements you’ll need.

The essentials

Start with the biggest couch or sofa that you can manage. This is non-negotiable. Position this in front of your huge flat screen TV. This should be at least 60″ and ultra HD, with an exceptional sound system. Remember, being able to watch all the matches in the best possible quality is your primary concern.

If you’re not in a basement, give some thought to the windows and how much light they let in. The last thing you want is sunlight reflecting off the screen. Blackout shutters are a great solution, and they look far more manly and rugged than curtains. Tier on tier shutters can also be made to let in different levels of light.

Extra comfort

Depending on how much space you’ve got you might want to complement your sofa with a couple of recliner chairs, in black leather of course so any beer spills can be easily wiped off. A hammock or a giant beanbag can take you to new levels of comfort, or just a few pillows and huge cushions scattered around the floor. For true comfort, of course you’ll need a well-stocked bar. At minimum, a fridge for beer and snacks is required, but a proper bar with a counter, draft beer and a wine cellar is preferable.

Playing with space

If your man cave is big enough you could consider different themed rooms. A games room should of course have a pool table, plus maybe a pinball machine and another TV hooked up to your favourite games console. In another room, you could have a home cinema, with sunken seating, a projector and a huge screen and of course a surround sound system. In addition, how about a room kitted out with ropes, mats and climbing frames, for working out or just some commando training fun?

However you set up your man cave, make sure the TV and couch are match ready at all times, and you always have a beer within reach. You’ll come back to the ‘real world’ refreshed, relaxed and ready to be a better husband and dad- so everyone wins!

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