In the exclusive interview with the Red Bulletin magazine, he insists it’s “not all about doing tricks” and compares the game tactics for teams like Arsenal and Barcelona to “high speed chess”.

He also defends the MLS saying if some of their players made it to Europe, people would be “surprised by what they saw”, and reveals that people are “shocked” when they see him playing football with his father and brother as “they play so hard” and “forget all that father, son, brother stuff.”

Fans can read the whole interview by picking up a copy of the Red Bulletin with the Sunday Telegraph this weekend, or heading to to check out the whole feature.

Expanded Thierry Henry Quotes:

“There are a lot of local players here in America whose names we might not know but who are really good. If they made it to Europe, people would be surprised by what they saw. The next thing to say is that in Europe it’s almost impossible to watch MLS matches on TV. The public often hasn’t got a clue about what they’re bad- mouthing, as they’ve never watched a single match.”

“Playing football isn’t at all about doing tricks. Playing football means doing the right thing with the ball at the right time. Take Barcelona or Arsenal. Their critics say that they pass the ball too much. But they’re wrong! They play because they want to move the opposing team’s players around. You can tell a good team because their opponents have to do a lot of running. It’s like chess, move for move. High-speed chess.”

“I love the game and always will. When I started playing, I never thought of becoming a professional player at all. I just wanted to play. People are always shocked when they see me playing with my friends or with my father and brother, because we play so hard. When we play, you can forget all that father, son, brother stuff. It’s all about the ball. You want the ball? Then try to get it off me. That’s the nature of the game.”

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