By:  Milos Kosic

This Friday, when the Serbian players run out on the field to face Germany, they will be in danger of losing much more than just a game. The fact that a negative score would force the Serbs to pack their bags and leave the World Cup to some better players  should be the least of their

Photo from fOTOGLIF

problems. Ever since the fiasco in Germany, four years ago, when Serbia and Montenegro finished as the worst team of the tournament, the White Eagles have been struggling to earn the trust from their fans. After a terribly disappointing performance against Ghana, where the Serbs played cowardly, counting on one point against an inferior opponent (Ghana is ranked 32nd in the world and Serbia is 15th), the White Eagles are once again at risk of being left without any supporters.

This does not mean that people in Serbia expect from their team to win. Realistically speaking, that’s not possible. Germans are not much stronger individually (Serbia have players from Manchester United, Chelsea and Inter), but when it comes to a teamwork, the two sides cannot compare. What the fans want to see are the White Eagles running and fighting on the field until they use every bit of energy they have, not giving up after conceding a goal or two, but instead playing with the same passion like it’s 0-0.

The World Cup happens only once in four years, and if players are not willing to use the opportunity and give their best, then there’s no reason for fans to support them.

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