Premier League matches

Both Manchester City and Manchester United had different fortunes during the mid-week Champions league match. Manchester United got won their first away game whereas Man City got stunned at home and lost.

In the Premier League, this is the opposite since Man City is second with five wins in six matches just two points behind Liverpool. For the Red Devils, the League is more difficult with only three wins in six games.

Jose Mourinho comments on the surprising draw at Old Trafford 1-1 v. Wolverhampton

Man Utd coach complains about the result:

“I can’t explain a difference of attitude because I never have a difference of attitude. For me, it’s difficult to explain that. We won three matches away, we come home with a good spirit. We come home let’s say in peace because we recover.

And then you start in a poor way. I could say we were tired after playing in the Champions League on an awful pitch, the body suffers a different impact than a match on natural grass, not coming home after the match.

I could go in this direction but we had [Jesse] Lingard and Alexis [Sanchez] who didn’t play. [Marouane] Fellaini played 20, 25 minutes, Fred played 60 minutes, [Antonio] Valencia also didn’t play so we didn’t have a team that was in big trouble with an accumulation of matches.

So, yes, I think there is a mental situation and attitude. Again one team was coming to play the game of their lives and another one was too relaxed.

It looks a contradiction but I am more disappointed today than I was against Tottenham because, against Tottenham, we obviously lost the game but I liked very much my team’s performance.

Today, of course we had a better result, one point is better than zero, but I didn’t like my team.”

The Citizens perfectly reacted after the opening defeat against Lyon 2-1 in the Champions League with Cardiff trashing 5-0.

Coach Pep Guardiola hails his team’s response:

“The level today was the level of last season. Were a little bit under par in the first half on Wednesday, but we must not forget Champions League opponents are good, too.

We knew, it’s part of the process. The season is long, there are a lot of games to play and it’s important after one bad result that the team came back to where it normally is.

To score goals you have to be patient. We were patient, we didn’t suffer in the long balls and free-kicks and that’s important.”