The love of sports is a nearly universal one; all cultures engage in competitive sports, and there are many, many fans of these competitive games of skill. However, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to take part in sporting events for yourself. Starting an athletic club is a great way to engage with a favorite sport in a whole new way. These tips can help you get started off on the right foot to best enjoy your very own sports club.

Official Paperwork

Any organization lives or dies on its official records, because those records define a number of important factors and conditions that can apply universally to all members. This is crucial, because it can help to keep the peace in the event of a disagreement or, worse, potential legal troubles. This begins with declaring the official status of the club in question, but it also pertains to things like member rosters, rules, and more. It’s important to recognize that even declaring your club’s official status entails creating a code of conduct that falls within legal limits, and there are plenty of government mandated regulations that can guide the process of drafting such a code.

It’s also important for various agreements to be made with other organizations. For example, any self respecting organization needs to have a headquarters, and that in turn entails a lease agreement, for example, in the event of a rental. On the other hand, your club will need to be insured in the event of property damage, resulting from any number of possible causes such as vandalism or fire, and that introduces the necessity of insurance quotes to the equation. Getting all of your ducks in a row from the word “go” will do much to minimize the risks of misfortune or conflict creating further problems and keep the organization in good health during hard times.

Mission Statement

Arguably an important document in its own right, a mission statement is an important component of any organization. Creating a sports club can entail a number of things, and it’s important for your intent as the leader of the organization to make it clear to applicants what the club is all about. For example, an athletic club might comprise a group of adoring fans or amateur athletes in their own right, among other possibilities. Clarifying the nature of your soccer club will be important when it comes to building a roster of loyal club members, because that kind of misunderstanding can bring people in only to turn them away. Your mission statement can also constitute a sort of mantra to come back to that can then guide the planning of events and projects, for example. Likewise, this mantra can become a bit of a rallying cry that can get your group excited for what’s to come.

However, a mission statement involves more careful consideration, because it can, should, and will speak to the values of the organization and you in particular. Building a compelling statement of purpose will help to get new people interested and to give existing members a sense of purpose that improves their enjoyment of club activities.


While it is often demonstrated, it’s not always clear how important consistency is when it comes to a large scale project. While simply getting a club started is a lot of work, it’s that much more work to keep an organization going. Personal conflicts, misguided expectations, and more can threaten to tear your club apart, but one thing that can and will ruin any group is a lack of consistency. You’ll want to set an achievable schedule and then, more importantly, stick to it over time.

This is especially important in the early days in which failing to establish a pattern or breaking an existing pattern can bounce off many new numbers at once. However, it’s also important to be consistent when it comes to the atmosphere of your club. People who join your club will want a predictable experience, at least within reason, and failing to provide that can alienate members, a problem that is, again, more pressing early on. Likewise, the public facing aspects of the club need to provide an even keel essence in the public consciousness in order to give people the right idea about what to expect from the club should they join.

Starting an athletic club may be a way of taking your enjoyment of your favorite pastime, but it represents something bigger. This communal appreciation of sports can form the beginning of meaningful relationships, but only if you club is up to snuff. Thanks to these tips, it will be.