is a sports website that allows users to gather sufficient information on past, recent, and future events. The website provides real-time and accurate data on live events allowing the users to analyze information smoothly. For instance, when a football match is live the site provides real-time scores and statistics of the game. This information is updated as the match progresses. The site focuses not only on soccer but also on other sporting events such as basketball, tennis, and hockey. The site provides information on all available major tournaments, leagues, and competitions across the globe. Additionally, users have an easy time accessing the performance of a certain team over time as the site provides information on standings and head-to-head statistics among other data. Post-match information is also available in form of videos in the highlights section, helping the user relive the moments. All the content on Sports168 is constantly updated to help clients make accurate predictions and follow their teams.

Design And Contact Information

The design and theme of the website are good. The primary colors, black in the background, blue and white show project tranquility and sincerity of the website. However, the website’s content has small fonts that are difficult to tread for any person. It is good if they can be improved to around 8. Additionally, the website is easy to navigate through even for first-timers as a user can easily understand what the website is all about and what is in it for them. The four slides at the website’s homepage clearly state the purpose of the website enhanced by graphics and catchy sentences. The first slide also provides additional information on a contact, such as Twitter handles and Facebook. Within the first few seconds of looking at the site, one gets a grasp of the teams playing that day in all the major leagues and tournaments.

The information provided on the homepage is precise bringing the stadium to sports fans, providing fist hand soccer, events, and stats, and watching highlights to enable fans to re-enact with the joy of their favorite teams. Graphics have been used such as team logos for ease of access to the users; this is friendly even for 40+ fans. The site is very precise just the information the customer wants.

Structure And Navigation

The site has a clear structure and navigation; the teams are grouped in terms of country or tournament. The structure is clear as there are match and highlights sections where customers can select either ongoing events or preview already completed events. On opening, the site customers have access to all the matches and events available on that day. They have an option to look at previous matches and events. The pages load first enough and there are no unnecessary interruptions.


The homepage which is the primary page for the site has the contact information and the right content to keep users on the website longer. The purpose and objectives are clearly stated, logos of teams, vital content are visual and enhanced with graphics, updated information, and relevant calls of action like, “highlights”. The options are simple in that the users are not distracted from their main goal. However, the site fails to provide odds for the teams which is a vital element of a sports website as most users are punters.

The website provides sufficient information for sports fans, is well structured, and is easy to navigate. The pages load fast with sufficient speed and do not keep users waiting for too long. The element of video highlights and up-to-date accurate information are a good look for the site. Generally, the site is doing well, however, a few improvements should be made for maximum efficiency.