Goals from Giles Barnes and Andrew Wenger condemn Sporting KC to defeat 2-0 at Houston

Sporting KC Manager Peter Vermes

What did you think of the effort tonight?
I thought in the first 25 minutes we had the game. We never put anything away. They got one chance and they scored. They got a second chance and they scored right before half. You can’t chase the game back when you give up two mistakes – two goals. And everything else we were just trying to get back in game mode and it completely put the game back in their favor in regards to being able to drive at that point. But very, very poor job on our part. 

What did you think of the intensity?
I didn’t like it at all. I think there were certain players who absolutely hindered us throughout the game, and unfortunately I couldn’t make the kind of moves that I wanted to because people got a little bit tired or strained. Unfortunately there were just certain people who really hurt us in the game tonight. They were terrible on the ball, and they just lacked the competitiveness that you need in this league to keep yourself in the game, and we lacked that in a few guys today. 

On built-up frustrations…
Is there frustration? Sure. There should be. When you don’t play well, there better be frustration. If you think it’s happy-go-lucky time and you’re just okay with getting your ass beat, you’re not only in the wrong profession, but you’re in the wrong club.

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