By Jasmit Jabbal

With Galacticos part deux turning into a more subdued affair as Mourinho has decided to invest in the future rather than mega superstars in his attempt to dethrone Barcelona, doubts have been raised over the future of Kaka.

Milan’s favorite son left for the Spanish capital as the poster boy of Perez’s second campaign to restore Madrid as the world’s leading team. However, his time at Los Blancos has been blighted by injury, and although he has shown glimpses of his quality and sparked up a friendship and on-field rapport with the world’s second best play Cristiano Ronaldo, it seems Madrid will be happy to cash in on the 29 year old who did not even make Brazil’s Copa America squad.

Much has been made of Kaka being a supposed flop at Madrid, but a return of 7 goals and 4 assists in 14 games tells a different story. Kaka has been unfortunate to have been injured, but it is harsh to say he is a spent force, unlike when Ronaldinho and Ronaldo before him joined Milan for a final season dogged by poor form and fitness punctuated by the odd moment reminding us all of their former glory, Kaka still has a lot to offer. The key difference with Kaka and the two Ronnies is that he is a model professional and this, after a full pre season behind him, he could easily lead to him being Madrid’s stand out player next season.

But should Milan tempt Madrid, with its midfield bursting at the seams, and try to bring back the golden boy. There is no doubt that Milan is in need of a creative midfielder, and even if his recent injuries have robbed him of a yard of pace, his elegance and grace on the ball is still evident. Madrid would want to recoup some of the €70 million made for his services, but even at around the €30 million mark, is there really a better playmaker available at that price?

Kaka has gone public and stated he wishes to remain at Madrid and prove himself, but if there is one team that can sway his heart then surely it is Milan. Fans of the Rosseneri would be drooling at the prospect of Kaka teaming up with fellow Brazilians Robiniho and Pato, and with the wizardly in the San Siro, at 29 years old, Kaka could be considered a youngster!

The key issue will be whether Mourinho can shift other players from his squad to make room for his new arrivals, and whether Berluschoni is willing to dig deep again. I for one, have a sneaky suspicion that although a deal may not be concluded this summer, you may well see Kaka in the famous black and red striped shirt soon.

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