By Mark Vincent Lincir

Aalborg striker Chris Rolfe has been sidelined with injury lately and will watch his club’s final game from the stands, but it didn’t keep him from taking time to answer a few questions from 90:00.

Even though you’re a striker, If you were forced to man-mark Messi for 90 minutes, how would you try to keep him from scoring four goals in a game?
If it was a home game, I’d have the groundskeepers install an electric fence around both boxes and somehow plant the shock device on him prior to kickoff. That’s the only way I’d have a chance.

Which players do you watch and try to emulate?
Robben, Messi, Ribery

If you ran into Inter Milan’s center back Lucio in a dark alley, what would you do?
Drop an imaginary ball, nutmeg him while he was still confused at why I was moving at him like that without a ball and then continue to sprint away

Do you ever wish you were a goalkeeper? If so, why? If not, why?
I loved playing GK in our backyard growing up. We’d water the grass so it was a little more fun to dive. Then I met Brad Guzan, asked him the story behind his fake teeth and decided I didn’t want any part of that anymore.

Have you become a total Euro? Do you listen to techno all day and wear capri pants?
I’m helping Aalborg become total country. Slightly baggy Wranglers, flannel shirts and Chris Young coming out of my speakers

Is your goal to stay overseas and move onto a bigger club, or will you be happy coming back to MLS soon?
There were multiple reasons for me coming to Denmark, and one was to see how far I could take this. So, I’d be happy to move

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onto a bigger club, even if that club was in MLS.

Grading the move to Scandavia on a 1-10 scale…10 being extremely happy…how would you rate your experience over there so far?

What do you miss most about the States?
The food – both from Chicago and Kettering (my hometown)

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