MLS Cup 2014 Final – Los Angeles Galaxy 2-1 New England Revolution (1-1 end of regular time)

Reactions from the pitch:

Coach Galaxy Bruce Arena

“I can’t say enough about Robbie. He’s been a special leader, a great player, and a great friend and teammate. So I’m real happy for Robbie.  From the crowd for the 2-1 victorious goal

“We’re a tough team to play against here, and there were a couple of things that we wanted to do here. One of them was to pressure them and make it difficult for them to get their playmakers on the ball, and we knew if we were to collect the ball and find different places where we could get out playmakers on the ball, that we would find success. There were a couple of opportunities for us to put that game away, and Marcelo to Robbie was the icing on the cake, I guess.” 


Defender Robbie Rogers on Donovan:

For me personally, Landon was one of the guys that helped me get back into the game. He’s been a supporter of mine throughout my career and I’ve always looked up to him. To let him go on this vacation, start the adventure of his new life and figure out what he wants to do, I’m just so happy he can leave the Galaxy with his head held extremely high.

“Even without this win, he’s had such an amazing career. He’s the best player for US soccer ever and in this league, and has done so much. To get him the extra silverware, I’m just very proud of the team and I’m happy I was able to share it with him.”

On winning the Cup: I can’t explain. It’s been such a long journey and for it to end this way, just to share it with these guys on the field, has been amazing. It’s been a crazy season and such a long season, but what an amazing journey it’s been for our team. So many individual battles we’ve had to overcome, but at the end it’s made us such a strong team. The character was amazing.”

New England Nguyen:

“We had our chances. The game could have gone either way. “They just happened to finish theirs, and we weren’t able to capitalize. That’s how it goes in finals. It’s the last game. There is no return leg. Credit to LA, they played a great game and they’re well-deserved champions.”

NE Jermaine Jones:

“It was a goal we always give up. It was a normal long ball. It was nothing special that they are killing four or three people. They hit the ball long, and the ball dropped in the back. Keane can run one-on-one with the goalkeeper. It’s not only today. It is always. The last games we were lucky that we can fix it.”

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