MLS: FC Dalas 1-2 Los Angeles Galaxy

Scoring Summary:
DAL – Michael Barrios 33
LA – Robbie Keane (Robbie Rogers) 51
LA – Robbie Keane (Gio dos Santos) 56

Quotes from the game:

LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena
On the adjustments made at halftime…
It was a difficult game. They pressed us. When we played forward, we needed a guy a little bit stronger to battle for the ball, hold it up a bit, and Giovanni (Dos Santos) got a little more space out wide and helped create some chances.

On playing balls in the air against FC Dallas
Balls in the air with Robbie Keane and Giovanni Dos Santos are certainly not going to favor us, and the ball was in the air too much in the first half. Got a little bit better in the second half. Gyasi Zardes was probably an unsung hero tonight with the work he put in to start the second half and have the presence up top, I think, made the difference in the game.

LA Galaxy forward Robbie Keane
On tonight’s game…
The way we played in the first half wasn’t good enough. We couldn’t keep the ball the way that we like to and, again, we conceded another goal. Going behind is always difficult, always chasing the game, but thankfully we had the break that came at a good time. We regrouped and got ourselves together and in the second half you saw a certainly different Galaxy team in the way we played, got the ball down quickly into feet. Into Stevie’s feet, Gio’s feet, my feet, and we caused problems getting that first goal back.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja
Opening thoughts on the match…
It was a beautiful night in Frisco, with two teams that gave it all. I thought we put in more and unfortunately we couldn’t get the result we wanted. We’re obviously upset and frustrated. There’s nothing I can remark today that cannot praise the players that I had today on the field. They gave it all for the jersey. They wanted to take home the three points in front of our full stadium. The work that they’ve put in during the week towards this game was unbelievable. Today, they deserved more. I guess that’s the game. The quality of the players that [LA Galaxy] has just showed that you cannot blink and give away two opportunities. (If you do), they’ll get the points and that’s what it is.

On the difference between the two halves…
I think (LA) had a good reaction (to being down at half). We gave up the first goal in a play that we control normally, marking with the backs and avoiding the cross… we work on it during the week. They gave a couple of inches to (Robbie) Keane and he punished us, and then the game was open. We started throwing some bodies (forward) because we wanted to win it. This team is not going to stop attacking. We have that mentality. We have gotten results like that. It gets open and then obviously, L.A. is going to have some options as well. We didn’t want to play conservative and we didn’t want to play for just one point. These guys wanted the game and they deserve all of the game, so I have to praise them.

FC Dallas midfielder Michael Barrios
Did you see the player who attempted to slide-tackle the ball away from you on the goal?
No. I didn’t see him at all. I was concentrating on finishing. Luckily, when he touched the ball, the bounce went in our favor. I’m glad I was able to grab the ball and score.

On scoring four goals in his last six MLS games…
More than anything, it’s continuity. I am getting the opportunity to play and gain confidence every day. I am giving everything I can to the game.

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