Liga BBVA: Real Madrid 4-0 Eibar

Real Madrid prepared well the Champions return game with a clean sheet 4-0.

The same result on Tuesday will qualify them to the Semifinals. The win also put Real with four points shy of Barcelona (Barcelona has not played yet this weekend). Zidane was pleased about the performance and expect the same quality on the pitch next Tuesday for probably his biggest game on the side since he has taken the coaching gig.

Coach Real Madrid comments:

“I’m more optimistic today, winning like this with the first half performance… perhaps a bit less so the second, but I go away pleased with the game, so I’m more optimistic. We know what we have to do on Tuesday and what we’re playing for. We’re going to prepare well, rest up and play at our best on Tuesday.

As a coach I live these days before the knock-out tie with more tension than as a player. As I said yesterday, we know it will be an exciting game, great to play in. We know it will be difficult because we have to come from 2 goals down. When things get tough, we can do great things at the Bernabéu”.

On the fans
“I don’t want to rile the fans. We want them to come out as they did today, to support the team from beginning to end. They know what Tuesday’s game is all about, I don’t have anything more to tell them. I think they’ll be with the team from beginning to end. We’re going to try and make the fans really proud of us on Tuesday”.

The key for Tuesday against Wolfsburg
“We know that we have a lot to do. We are two goals down and it will be complicated. We know we are capable of doing it, of achieving big things. The key to Tuesday starts with resting tonight and then starting preparations for the game. We will think about our strategy from Monday onwards. We will have to go out fully charged and play a great game at home”.