Champions League Final: Real Madrid 4-1 Juventus

Real Madrid is the first team since the late 80’s with AC Milan to win consecutive Champions League. It is then the first club to do it in the modern version of the Champions League, the third in 4 years. Ronaldo surpassed Messi for the most goals scored in the competition, has been a record five times in a row the best scorer and now can be claimed without a doubt – The best player in the world! – 

Coach Zidane relates the historic win:

“Nobody has won two Champions League in a row and we did it. We can say that it is a historic day for everyone at Real Madrid, for me, for the players, for our families…But at the same time we know that next year is going to be much more difficult and we will have to work harder. We are a very good team and we deserved to win the league and the Champions League, it’s not been an easy jo”.
“There’s a lot of talent in the squad but, in the end, it’s been down to a lot of work. That was the key. When you realize that you can get things working hard, you can do it. I am very proud of everyone. The key has been that everyone has chipped in. We can’t change that and that has been the success of this year.
The first half was even. Juventus came out strong. We didn’t have possession. The second half was better. I told them to continue with what we were doing, but putting more pressure on them and playing with more width. But also playing our game, because we know how to play. Scoring four goals against Juventus is not easy.
I’m a part of this team. The key to success is that everyone has felt important this year and they’ve all given everything. The team spirit has been incredible. There’s a lot of work gone in to that. I love football, I’m working hard and I’m lucky enough to be at this great club and to have this great squad. With hard work, you can achieve great things. The key to success has been this squad”.

I’m not going to confirm that I’m going to stay here my whole life, that just doesn’t happen. I’m very grateful to this wonderful club for giving me the opportunity. I’ve got a year left on my contract and I think I’m going to be here next year. We have to enjoy what we’ve done this year. I’d like to get up and dance right here, just like I said the other day in Malaga. I’m very happy. I consider myself part of the furniture. I played here for many years and this club is in my heart”.

Following the return to the Spanish capitals, both the coach and Cristiano Ronaldo had some words to share with the fans: 

Zidane: “We knew this was going to be a difficult but very special season. With hard work, humility and effort, we’ve ended up with this reward. We’ve recorded a wonderful double and it should be valued because it’s been a long time since we’ve seen it. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for giving us energy and making us believe. It’s an honor to wear the armband for the best team in the world”.

“It’s been a spectacular year. Thanks to you, because you believed in us from day one. In the end, we’ve done the double and have won more trophies this year. We’re very happy, it’s been very special and we have to enjoy this moment. In the closing stages, we’ve been mentally and physically fantastic, everyone has been fully switched on and that’s been the key”.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “Thank you, fans. It’s been an extraordinary season and we’re all absolutely thrilled. Thanks to you, we’ve done the double. I always try to do a good job, with goals and the numbers don’t lie. It’s been a wonderful day with a spectacular reception from the fans”.