La Liga week 25: Real Madrid 3-3 Las Palmas, FC Barcelona 6-1 Sporting Gijon

Real Madrid had to battle again to score points as the club was down by two goals in the second half. Real Madrid; s defense has been mediocre over the last tow games and let through 5 goals in two games. 

Last weekend Real Madrid was 2-0 at the 70th minute before pulling off an improbable comeback to win 3-2. This time around the club was down 3-1 at the 86th minute playing also with 10 men after Bale was shown a red card. But resilience is in the team DNA and they managed to save a point, however insufficient to keep the lead in La Liga. 

Coach Real Madrid comments:

“We’ll get through this all together. We’re going through a bad patch right now, particularly in terms of our first-half performance. We’ll have to analyze it and think about what we can do to change things around. We put in massive effort to come back from 3-1 down to make it 3-3. We have good spirit and this side is capable of doing good things.

We perhaps don’t have the same energy that we showed before to turn games around. Today we’ve let some crucial points slip, but we mustn’t go crazy about it. We’ll put this right by all working together. The important thing is that we didn’t do what we had to do in the first half… We wanted to make sure they didn’t have the ball and we failed to do that in the first period.

What caught us out was the start we made. We got the goal, but straight away we didn’t perform as we wanted to. We have to go and put the game to bed and go on and get a second and a third. We got a goal and we let them back into it. If you give the opposition the ball and if they’ve got good players, it’s tough. We mustn’t lose our heads”.

On the same day, Barcelona coach Luis Enrique announced he will leave the club when the season ends.. His statement:

“During the pre-season, I had a meeting Albert Soler and Robert Fernández and I informed them that there was a chance of not renewing. They, on behalf of the Club, reassured me that there was no pressure. That moment has now arrived and I announce it to you.

The way I have to live this profession with a relentless search for solutions and to improve the team. This means very little time to relax and disconnect. At the end of the season it would be good for me to rest. I would like to thank the club for placing its trust in me throughout my career, not just as a player but also as a coach. They were the first ones who thought I had the chance to coach the reserves, which I did for three years. Later they decided I would be the coach for these three years, which for me will be unforgettable.”

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