La Coruna 2-8 Real Madrid – next test versus Elche – Coach Ancelotti reacts:

We have reacted well and will be tested once again against Elche”

“When the club, the players and the fans are untied it is much easier to fight for our goals. Last year, having those three elements united helped us to win and that is why we won. We have reacted well. Against Elche we will be tested again and I want to see consistency in our play and our results”.

“We have been rising to the challenges we have been faced with. We did well in our first two tests and we need another good result to help bolster our confidence. The result against Deportivo was very good, but we can’t let that fool us because we still have a lot to improve in terms of our play. We had the same problem last year, but this time our attacking play has been much better. We need to improve in defence, but I think we are stronger in every aspect at the back compared to this time last year”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He doesn’t need to be rested yet. He is fine and we need him at his best because he is enjoying a great streak at the moment. He has to have the freedom to be able to follow his instincts on the pitch. The way the forwards are switching positions is great because it makes life difficult for opposition defences”.

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