LIGA BBVA: Real Madrid 3-0 Eibar / Sevilla 2-2 Barcelona

Coaches’ reaction:

Carlo Ancelotti Real Madrid:

The whole squad will be available for Tuesday. The players who hadn’t had much playing time before now did well, especially Chicharito, who got an important goal. Then there was Jesé as well. We didn’t strain ourselves too much for this game, but everything went to plan”.

“Scoring with a free kick is not an easy thing to do. Cristiano always surprises me because he always wants to get goals and play. That is what sets him apart from other forwards. He is really enjoying the way the team are playing more quickly. It allows him to find more space up front. The team have improved in terms of their speed and that has resulted in more goal scoring opportunities for us”.

“Cristiano has recovered well from Wednesday’s match. Other players had more of a problem, such as Modric, who was a bit worn out, Marcelo and Ramos. I took them off to avoid any problems occurring”.

Champions League
“Our last result against Atlético gives us extra motivation. This will be a different game, a tough one, as it always is against Atlético. We head into this fixture in good form, we are motivated and we are going to give it our all”.

“We have no doubt that this will be an intense game. That is a huge factor for this match, but there will also be other things we will need to make use of. I have a clear plan for Tuesday, all that’s lacking now is the result”.

Luis Enrique FC Barcelona

“We’re still in first place. “Last year the league was decided on the last day. This year we are leaders before that.”in the first half we played very good football and created problems for Sevilla”. 

We had a great first half except for five minutes when we fell apart. The second half was more balanced, no team was superior and we made one mistake.”

“We had the feeling that we could get the third goal but also give up one. And we conceded that goal in a way that we didn’t think would happen: our own error.”

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