Real Madrid and FC Barcelona sit on top of La Liga

Real Madrid lead La Liga after beating Granada 4-2 with a two point advantage over FC Barcelona. The current champions largely dominated FC Sevilla 4-0 and conclude a good week before the international break. 

Less than three weeks before El Clasico the two rivals are set for a strong season. Real Madrid are the only undefeated club in Spain after 8 games. However the 13 times Champions League winners had a rough start in the European competition. They severely lost to PSG [3-0] and only tied Club Brugge at home. 

Eden Hazard on the scoring list

It took a total of 10 games in all competitions to wait for the first goal from the Belgian International after his transfer from Chelsea. It was a relief for him and his teammates as head coach Zidane hopes it will be the start of a long series of goals:

“He needed that and he was happy in the dressing room at the end of the game. We’re happy for him and I hope it’s the first of many.

We want more, we are perfectionists. We want it, we need it and we will get it done. I am happy with what they are doing. There are no easy games and you must be on from the first minute.

I think we can all be happy, because we are at the top of the table and it will be a long journey. We have hard work ahead. It is a shame that so many players are going to play for their countries but we must accept that they will not get to rest up”.

“We need to focus on the positives. You can do what you want on the outside, but we all know we have to suffer and sweat out on the pitch. There are no small clubs any more, but we have to be positive.

A long season

it will be a long journey and we’re happy because we are at the top of the table. We need to improve and that is what we will do. We are better than we were a month ago and we will improve because each player brings something to the team, and you can see that”.