With the Spanish Liga in the books for the 2015-16 season and the 6th title in 8 years for FC Barcelona, the two Marid rivals have one last match to play: The UEFA Champions League Final in Milan. Atletico Madrid will try to take revenge on Real Madrid when in 2014 Real Madrid won during overtime after the equalizer goal came from Sergio Ramos at the last minute…

Real Madrid appear to be the favorites of this game with a certain edge over Atletico Madrid and this is certainly what most people think as well in regards to the outcome of the winner. 888sport betting odds also predict the most chance for the win to the Merengue and the eleventh Champions League trophy. It would be the second for Zidane with the club after winning in 2002 with the club and when he won it with a memorable volley from a center lob ditched by Roberto Carlos.

But stop for a moment; FC Barcelona was also favorites and had the most chances to pass in the quarterfinal round. Bayern Munich thought the 1-0 defeat to Atletico Madrid was surmontable to reach the Final. Each time Atletico came out with the victory thanks to its defensive tenacity and the fight towards each lost ball. No doubt their place in the Finals of this competition is a surprise for many of us but certainly not for them. Atletico proved during the season they beat the best in the world and they won in La Liga at Bernabeu versus Real Madrid 1-0, they know how to beat them. Real Madrid is surely going to give their best a fight to win the battle and claim the trophy. Real Madrid had proven in the history they know how to deliver to win the Champions League. In all circumstances, it is an impossible match to miss and will finish the club season and the national teams get ready for the Euro just a couple weeks after..

Coach Real Madrid – Zinedine Zidane comments on the Champions League Final:

“Reaching the Champions League final isn’t easy. We want to now win it, which would be a source of joy for us and our families. We’ve performed more consistently in the Champions League and that’s why we’re in the final. We’re relaxed, keen to prepare well for the game and to get our minds focused so that we go into it 100% ready”.

We’ve got time to get ready for the final and we’re going to work on it because we have to prepare well and we’ve got time to do so. On the 28th we’ll be able to judge whether the season has been a good or bad one”. 

Coach Atletico – Diego Simeone added that “It makes us happy to be fighting against the best teams in the world.”

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