UEFA Champions League Round of 16

The champions Real Madrid are no more. The end of an era has come. When Cristiano Ronaldo left, the success of the most decorated club left with him. Real Madrid got humiliated against a good Ajax team but not a great team. 

Distanced in La Liga and eliminated from the Cups, Real Madrid record one of their worst ever season in club’s history. Modric and Bale have been missing Cristiano Ronaldo’s importance on the pitch as they both have been underperforming this season. Only Karim Benzema has elevated his game this year. It is just not enough in the Champions League and also in La Liga, a season in hell. 

Coach Scolari apologized to the fans:

“It’s really painful, we’re sorry for our fans, who were amazing in the way they supported the team in what was a very tough time. We’re sad and are hurting. We put in the best possible effort but it wasn’t enough and we’ve bowed out. It’s a sad night.

A lot of things went on out there. This group of players have won the last three editions of the Champions League and tonight we’ve gone out of the competition. This group of champions has won four of the last five Champions Leagues and it’s a sad time that highlights what the team has achieved in the past and how tough it is to win the European Cup.

It has been a tough season, but that’s what we’re here for: to give it our all and show our character in the tough moments. The good times are easier for us to get through, but we need to get through the tough moments with courage and never give up. What we need to do is remain calm and approach it with the best possible character.

I didn’t come here in such troubling times just to give up. I am here to work and give my best. The players are here to give their best in order to be better tomorrow than they were yesterday.

We’ll be training tomorrow, we have our LaLiga commitments at the weekend. We all have an obligation, we have to be professional and show that we have this team in our hearts, we’ll come in to work tomorrow and give the best for the team”.