MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy 5-2 San jose Earthquakes

After a terrible start behind down 2-0, the Galaxy made a strong comeback with the support of Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard to level up at the break. Los Angeles will afterwards score three more goals to in the second half; the third assisted by Steven Gerrard.


Reactions post-game:

Robbie Keane: “Listen, it’s up to us, really. It’s up to us. If we continue on and continue plugging away with the [return of] players that aren’t here … certainly the next, second half of the season is looking good.” 

On Gerrard: “The last few games you’ve seen glimpses, and he looked strong tonight. … You’ve seen from the first game to now, the difference already in how he’s progressing, how stronger he’s looking, how fit he’s looking, and he’s only going to get better.”

Steven Gerrard: “We had that chemistry [during Keane’s half-season with] Liverpool. When you play with good players, it’s easy to connect. Robbie’s on the wavelength, he’s a very intelligent player, he’s done it here for many years — you have witnessed that. He’s the MVP [in MLS].

“For me, it’s quite easy to connect, because I know where he’s going to be. We’ve got a great understanding. I’m sure that relationship is just going to get stronger. I think we we add Dos Santos into the mix as well, we could have a formidable frontline.

“Bruce was shouting on ‘how you’re doing’ for about 60 minutes, but I pretended I couldn’t hear him, just looking away. I felt like a kid out there today. I didn’t want to come off. I want to play as much football as I can. One of the reasons why I came to this team was to start all the games and play as many minutes as possible. I was determined not to become a squad player. I fell like I’ve still got energy. I still love the game, I’m really enjoying training, I’m settling in pretty nicely, so so far, so good.”

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