It appears that this week will decide the ultimate fate of Rangers FC (newco). Or will it?

The SFL have called a meeting with all 30 SFL club chairmen for Tuesday, the day prior to the SPL deciding whether Rangers are allowed to transfer its registration to the newco or not.

Tuesday’s meeting however is believed to not decide an outcome of where or if indeed at all, the Ibrox club will play, but will instead discuss how the voting will work should an outcome of Rangers applying for the vacant spot become apparent in the loss of their top tier spot on Wednesday.

In a similar instance, Annan only required 50% of the 30 chairmen’s votes but that was to enter at the bottom tier, division 3. Rangers FC (newco) are said to be discussing the possibility of entry into the division 1 which is unprecedented, and the voting system is not clear on entry at this level.

Whether it is to be 66% or 75% will be concluded by the chairmen on Tuesday should a decision need to be made after Wednesday’s SPL decision, but the muddy water doesn’t become any clearer should the vote go as ‘NO’ as everyone expects.

Edinburgh side Spartans are said to be interested in the vacant spot that would appear should Rangers be dumped from the SPL, and with rumours of several SFL clubs openly encouraging them to apply for the yet to be decided vacant spot, things could get messy this week as club chairmen have to decide if they put their own team supporters and fans before business with Rangers and the power brokers in Scottish Football.

In amidst all this turmoil, another option should have been taken to expand the SPL to 16 or 18 teams. This was the ideal time to perform this action and would surely have been supported by many clubs as the way forward for Scottish Football.

This week will not break Scottish Football but decisions will surely fracture clubs from their fans, or clubs from other clubs depending on the outcome of a couple of votes.

Who’d be a chairman this week?

Marc Roseblade is a Contributor for, Football Speak, OurGameMagazine and various online sports and published outlets across the globe. Other soccer related roles he is involved in include matchday commentary and PR for Ayr United Football Academy. All quotes are obtained first-hand unless otherwise stated. You can follow NotJustScottishFootball on Twitter @myscottishfitba

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