By Alex Labidou

The first thing you notice when trying out a pair of Powercat 1.10 is ironically the laces. Placed on an almost perfect 90 degree angle on the shoes outer end, it’s almost a perfect rebellion from the typical middle of the shoe lace. This detail along with the shoes sleek design make it abundantly clear that its designers PUMA are trying to make a product that is aesthetically superior to anything else on the market. Can the beautiful shoes handle the grind of 90 minutes on the pinch? 90:00 Soccer takes a look at PUMA’s forefront World Cup cleats.

Available in either white or black, it is instantly noticeable how much lighter the Powercat 1.10s are compared to other soccer cleats in the market. The shoe is dazzling in its features with gold Pumas on the shoes interior and neon side panels. It is easy to why the sneaker company has designed the shoes for the Italian national team and why top players such as Chelsea’s Nicolas Anelka wear the shoes on the pitch. As pleasing as the shoes are visually, many of its characteristics are actually beneficial come match time.

The shoe’s unique neon side panels placed on the front and interior are outstanding for ball control. Many passes landed on the shoe with ease and transitioning the ball for forward movement or directional passes were effortless. The sleek lightweight design made the shoe almost feel nonexistent while running but the hard plating in the back and shoes ensure foot protection.

The only gripe one could have with the Powercat 1.10 is durability. After playing two light matches, the shoes definitely were definitely starting to look a little worn even though they were still stunning. Considering the shoe’s listed price of 220 USD, it is clear these shoes are for impressing in league matches and not for daily practice.

In creating a shoe that will illuminate pitches and provide the ability for dynamic ball control and movement, PUMA has created a shoe that exceeds expectations. It’s the big game shoe that should deliver in any clutch situation.

Final Rating: 9.5/10

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