By Shaun Fuentes

Joe Serralta, former president of the Puerto Rican Football Federation, believes that he has much to contribute to Caribbean football.

The former president of the Puerto Rican Football Federation (FPF), Joe Serralta, aspire to the presidency of the Caribbean Football Union after the resignation of former President, the Trinidadian Jack Warner.

This was confirmed by the very Serralta, who led the FPF from 2004 to 2010.

“I’m interested because I understand that there is a lot to contribute greatly to the Caribbean region. I have couple of projects and initiatives that were made two years ago, such as Caribbean Vision, which aims to improve the level of the region, “he said yesterday to Primera Hora newspaper

Serralta said he was unaware the process for submitting your application, as the CFU and CONCACAF are being reorganized after the departure of Warner, who resigned last Monday after being accused of attempted bribery.

“Right now, to do honor to the truth, nobody knows. This is a process, “said Serralta, who said he has support among the associations in the Caribbean.

“I’ve developed good relationships through the years. I feel comfortable giving me because I know the cultures. Unfortunately, here (Puerto Rico) enter into economic chaos and the economy can not be beat, “said Serralta.

As is also president of the Puerto Rico Soccer League (PRSL), the Vision initiative Caribbean is the need to project the Caribbean countries that have professional and easy sorting of the CONCACAF tournaments. Similarly, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago would be given permanent seats on the club tournament of the CFU.

“The market will stabilize and Caribbean championship every year,” he said.

THE Federation PRSL
On the other hand, Serralta revealed that regardless of their future in the CFU, the intention is that the FPF take control of the PRSL.

“The league needs to be put in charge federation, but it must be a balance between the interests of the league and federation executives … Must be done. We have to assure to the municipalities and investors are going to have a stable league, “he said.

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