Barcelona 1-1 PSG 

Barca qualify on away goal.


Barcelona assistant coach Jordi Roura:

PSG “are a great rival, like any team that make it this deep in the competition.” “We knew that it would be a difficult match, they had little to lose and a lot to win, but we took advantage of our chances.”

“They gave it their all and they made it difficult for us, but we knew that we would have to suffer if we wanted to get to the next round.”

On Messi: “He is so important and his presence on the field conditioned the game after we had conceded a goal and made an impact on the opponent.

“Once again he has shown his competitive spirit and desperation to always be there for the team and we have to take our hat off to him.”

“Once again the team has shown its courage. To reach six straight semi-finals is something of great merit.

“Obviously there are things we can improve on, but first we have to enjoy reaching the semi-finals.

“We will take a couple of days to rest and recuperate physically and then approach the semis with everything we have to try and win.”

PSG boss Carlo Ancelotti

“We did everything we could to win. We played a great game and we were close,” he said.

“It was a marvellous night, but it would have been fantastic to get to the semi-finals. We did well and didn’t give up at any point.”

However, Ancelotti believes by taking Barcelona so close over the two legs they have proved they will be a force to be reckoned with in the next few years.

“This game will be useful for us for the next seasons. We lacked a little bit of experience and some of our players were discovering the competition for the first time.

“Only time will allow us to gain the experience to get to the semi-finals and this will be the objective for next year.

“We lost just once in 10 games, we finished first in our group and went out against a very strong team, in a very even game.

“Some people would say we didn’t deserve to lose and so the experience was really good for us. I am sure we will be better in the coming years.”

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