“Ukraine is not dead yet”, says the national anthem of the European Championship finals Mitausrichters. If you believe Oleg Blokhin, however, it has been missing much. “Our players have been poisoned in Germany,” the coach insisted after the embarrassing 0-2 (0-1) against Turkey at the European Championship final rehearsal seriously.

“We had great personal concern Ten players have suffered from food poisoning.” Blokhin justify the shocking performance of his team in Ingolstadt – it sounded like a cheap excuse.

Even Bayern Munich star Anatoly Tymoshchuk was supposed to be the poisoned, he was not at the last Euro 2012 test. He wailed Blokhin, must change its lineup because of illness shortly before kick-off and was still searching for the cause of the problems.

Quick off

Bogdan Butko defender and midfielder Denis Garmasch, he explained, would even have to play in spite of the poisoning. “We do not yet know what the reason. All those affected have eaten different things,” said Blokhin.

The veracity of these allegations could not, however, check for both Timoschtschuk and his teammates preferred to walk through the back door of the Ingolstadt Arena. Quickly away from the plane. At 3:05 clock on Wednesday morning, the Blue-Yellow landed as scheduled in Kiev.

It is not known to be a player to fly for health reasons had been unable to compete. Tymoshchuk also did not look ill when he refused at the stadium in passing interview requests. Before the game, the Ukrainians had not told, “You okay, no problem, he is spared..”

Start against Sweden

After the game, it is the 33-year-old captain at once have gone bad. Presumably the reason for the sudden indisposition was but rather the performance of the Ukrainians, who had to watch what they handed over to their rehearsal, which could already be sick: fidgety in the offensive game, sloppy on the defensive, neither a structure nor a game idea could be made out.

Blokhin saw goals from the Turkish by Caner Erkin (30) and Mustafa Pektemek (70) differently. “The first half was balanced after the break, we have wasted a number of opportunities,” he said.

On up to the first preliminary round group D game in the 11th June in Kiev against Sweden Blokhin has had time to breathe life into his team again. Only one opening victory would ever hope to make the quarterfinals, opponents are up there the other ex-world champion France and England.

“Everything is possible”

“Our team can go all the way up to the title, even if it must meet many favorable circumstances. Anything is possible, and our victory is possible. Who has believed that beat the Greeks 2004 Portugal would,” said the former player legend indefatigably optimistic. Maximum of 13 million euros in premiums would receive a special team for the European title.

But first, the Ukrainians want to get rid of the supposedly diabolical German viruses. “We now have a major task,” Blokhin said: “The cure for players.”

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