Online casino live dealer

With today’s high speed internet connections, the experience of real time casino can be gained straight from your lounge or bedroom, whatever you find more relaxing. There is no need to drive down to your local casino; you can now enjoy playing your favorite games through live online casinos with live dealers. Through live casinos, you get to actually place bets on real tables at actual land based casinos. It is an awesome visual experience gained via live streaming.

Live online casinos with live dealers are one step ahead of the online casinos. While playing games on online casinos, players are never completely convinced of their fairness. They always have a little bit of doubt that they might be cheated against, especially when it looks like they are losing more hands than they would normally. No matter how reliable the site maybe the problem still remains.

The new casinos with live dealers have been created to eliminate this problem and to provide the players with a more transparent and visual experience of playing casino games. The players can watch the cards being shuffled and dealt via live streaming. And if the game is roulette, then again the player can watch a live dealer roll the ball and then follow all the subsequent spins on the table. Hence getting a real time experience of casino with live dealers enhances the transparency and fairness level of live casinos.

As live casinos are gaining popularity, more and more games will be added to them with them pretty soon. But at the moment only the most popular ones are being offered on live casino websites. The following are the five top most famous games being offered; Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic-Bo, Texas Hold’em.

It is expected that soon bingo and live dealer craps will be added to the offered games list as well. A lot of slot games and video poker are also being offered on the live dealer casino websites. The list is not short but for the variety lovers, more games will be added in a not so distant future.

You can play at any live casino, the choice is yours. However it is better to search through a few reviews to find the best live dealers casino where players are able to receive their payouts on time, plus bonuses offered do actually reach the players’ account. There are several factors and site features to consider before making a deposit there. One of them is the type of live dealer games being offered. Do they match your preference? Secondly, what kind of bonus structure is being offered? Is the bonus structure beneficial to you? Three of the websites with the best bonus structure are Smart Live Casino, Just Bet Casino and Lucky Live Casino.

In addition to that for a better experience, there are different live casinos designed for specific systems, e.g for linux or Ubuntu. Linux users used to find it difficult to locate casino software that was compatible with their system. The new distance gaming technology has rendered downloading gaming software useless for linux users by offering live broadcast through television or webcam video feeds. Hence, users of linux can also enjoy the experience of live dealer casinos without worrying about first downloading bulky software.

Users of Ubuntu can also solve their problem by first downloading Wine, which can be done in a couple of minutes and then using Wine to further download the casino games. There is another option too through which Ubuntu users can find those casino live dealer casinos from which they can play without downloading bulky software first. The same problem of finding compatible software was faced by Mac users too and fortunately they too can now enjoy the games offered through casinos that require no download of software. With just flash player, they can enjoy high quality experience.

Casinos with live dealers also have another advantage. They allow the users to either play just for fun or to wager real money on the games. Playing for fun gives the players the same experience of gaming with live dealers except that they cannot make any real winnings. Although playing for fun is a great way to practice but luck should be tried by waging real money as well. Through betting on real money the player can gain bonuses, and more importantly, win exciting jackpots.

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