MLS: New York Red Bulls 2-0 D.C. United

Bradley Wright-Phillps comments after the game:

“It might answer some of their questions, but I feel that some people are always going to be upset that Thierry’s left. All we can do is play our game, and I think today was an example of what we can do. I think we can play a lot better. But it was an example, so hopefully [the fans] can be happy with that.”

“Obviously, with Thierry Henry leaving everyone’s going to have questions. But for me, nothing has changed. I’m not a loud guy, I don’t even like [doing interviews].”

“It was very important not just to get the win, but show them the commitment we have towards the fans,” Wright-Phillips added. “We’re working hard every day in training and you can see it on the field today. The work the players put in is unbelievable. If that doesn’t get them in their seats, I don’t know what will.”

Marsh – NYRB coach

I hope that the fans—whether at the stadium or at home—are getting a sense for what this team’s going to be. Despite all the talk that this team’s going to have a down year and it’s a rebuilding year, this is a pretty good team. And they want to prove it to themselves and prove it to everybody every night out.”

“If the team is right, then people will like the team and they’ll like me in turn. I’m not trying to win a popularity contest; I’m trying to coach a football team to be the best in the league. That’s my sole mission. When we get there, I think a lot of people will appreciate the work that’s been done.”

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