The Boston Celtics have a huge soccer fan on their roster by the name of Kevin Garnett. KG has shown his love for the game for some time now and it kind of makes sense that he ages and matures that he would want to invest in the world’s most popular sport.

Perhaps following in the footsteps of his rival LeBron James who owns a piece of Liverpool FC, Garnett attempted to put a few nickels in the pot and get down with the Italian club AS Roma.

According to the Boston Globe, the NBA stomped that out because AS Roma’s principal investor is Celtics part-owner James Pallotta.

The league recently commented on why they blocked the move.

“If you enter into a business agreement with the owner of a team that doesn’t involve playing service, there are potential problems,” a league source said. “Maybe not in this case. But there is a chance of, say, making a contract a lot larger.”

I understand and agree with the NBA’s reasoning. I am just curious as to how they can enforce and police such a thing.

Last I checked, they are a business entity for all intensive purposes and not an international securities exchange counter-intelligence agency hell bent on striking down conflicts of interest.

The only playground that they have jurisdiction over is their own so could they have done something such as voided Garnett’s contract? That’s curiosity talking.

Had James done a deal with Heat owner Micky Arison, they same logic would have applied to his situation.


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