Napoli 1-2 AC Milan

Coach ALLEGRI (AC Milan)

“We defended badly for the first goal and we definitely have to improve. The team played better than we have in our other league games this season. We made a lot of chances and we conceded very little in the second half. We have to start again from here. We changed our preparation for the Champions League preliminary stages and you can see that the month of September is not a lucky one for me. We really have to do well in the next two matches. After the matches we need to stay calm even if angry and on one knows what’s in another person’s mind. Hysteria doesn’t help anyone. As far as Balotelli’s red card goes, we’ll see what the sporting judges say and take it from there.

Matri didn’t have many chances but he worked hard for the team.  He tried to create space and he did everything that was asked of h8im. Even if we played a good game, Napoli deserved the win and I’m sure they’ll be fighting for the title. We have to take one step at a time starting from the match against Bologna. I’m waiting for a few players to come back and then I’m sure we’ll have something to say. Saponara has only trained twice with the team And I’ve never seen him train. He’s a young player who has to grow and he’ll be put in the team when the time is right. When he’s fit and ready, I’ll take him into consideration.”

Coach BENITEZ (Napoli)

“We won against a great team”.  It was not easy to control Milan, because Matri opened spaces for Balotelli. We have to work on some things and improve our defense, but we have a lot of time and this success gives us strength.”

“Apart from this kind of analysis, if we win against such a strong team I have to be satisfied. We have been working hard, this is our power, like a team. I am not surprised about these results, because back at the summer training I saw that the team was working hard. We are still at 73% and we can all improve. This victory helps us, this is what we need to do.”


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