Serie A: Napoli‘s perfect runs continues and Inter Milan are back from the ashes

It has been a few years Inter Milan has not been successful in Serie A since the mid 2000’s and five consecutive Serie A titles. So far this season the club stands at the second place after a quarter of the Calcio played with seven wins in eight games. The latest in derby against AC Milan 3-2 with a hat-trick from Icardi. This record is second best to Napoli with a perfect eight victories in a row. Next weekend Inter Milan will visit Napoli, a game that will feature the best two team in Italy and two of the hottest teams in Europe. 

On the other end, after years of dominance Juventus has taken a seat back so far and already five points behind Napoli and three behind Inter. It will be a long season but this is may be the year where we see more competition between Italian top club. After six consecutive titles, Juventus will have to fight back to win again this year  

Inter Milan coach Spaletti on the win in the derby:

“To win these matches has a wonderful taste. This win gives us enthusiasm but we must be realistic and keep working in the right way.”

I see that these players are serious, they’re professionals and they know how to do what is asked of them. If everyone is pushing in the same direction, it’s easier to get results. We’ve stockpiled a lot of points now which will help for the future and we want to push for as many points as possible. We do know however that we still need to develop further.” 

Juventus 1-2 Lazio. Juventus drop decision to Lazio at home for the first time since 2003. Coach Allegri reacts: ”

We still haven’t grasped the fact that we have to battle and struggle on a daily basis if we’re to win the league. That means focus for 95 minutes. We’ve dropped five points in games against Lazio and Atalanta but the big talking points have proved crucial.”