Sevilla 2-6 Real Madrid:

Jose morinho – “I expected us to win and top the table. I also expected my men’s reaction, but not the score. It’s happened twice, but it isn’t normal. Sevilla are always a difficult team to face… We’ve won 16 of our last 17 games and it was normal for us to win again. We did so against a difficult adversary.”

“We faced Sevilla, who aren’t a small team with no ambition or quality. Casillas made two incredible saves in the first half, but the team did a good job overall, giving a solid performance down to ten men after half-time. Albiol came on and gave the game the tranquility I expected. My team made a great sacrifice and Di Maria is an example of that. He will go to Argentina in mid-week, but is ready to play. He now returns to support his family. We have a great spirit. Last week I told our supporters we were leaders. Today I tell them we are leaders on our own.”

“Our goalkeeper made two solid saves at a critical time in the game. It wasn’t luck. Luck is when you shoot, the ball hits a player, flips back, hits the post and goes in. We had a very competent goalkeeper out there tonight and forwards who scored from every chance they got. I believe we managed to be better than our opponent. I also believe the score does not reflect the real difference between both sides because Sevilla have a great team. The normal thing was for us to win, but not by such a difference.”

“You never know what may happen: we may return and draw 0-0. Games transform themselves. I told my men during half-time that we could score more goals despite being one man down. Sevilla were more compact in the second half, but when they too were down to ten they made Kanoute come on. It was logical for them to try to score, but they left a lot of room for us to counterattack and we scored from every chance we had. This score isn’t something that may happen all the time. Next time we may draw 0-0.”

“It’s normal for Cristiano to play like he did tonight. It’s normal for him to score and want to help the team. It’s also normal that he didn’t score in the previous game.”

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