Southampton 1-1 Chelsea

Coach Mourinho says his side was denied the win: 


‘There are situations where people can have different opinions but there are others where everybody has the same opinion. It wasn’t given because the referee made a mistake, people make mistakes and it was a big mistake. He is a very good ref and a good guy. He is young and has years of football ahead of him, and it is a big mistake but tomorrow is another day and life goes on.

‘In the first match of the season at Burnley Diego Costa got a yellow card when it should have been a penalty to us and a red card for Burnley, and now a few months later we lose points and Fabregas gets a yellow card. In football we should always try to change the bad things and the double punishment is something unbelievable. You have a penalty and probably you win the game, you don’t get the penalty and you get a yellow card.

‘It should be easy – the ref goes to a screen and he sees that he made a mistake, and he is a good and honest guy and he writes I made a mistake and let’s clean the yellow card to Cesc. It should be a simple process.’

‘We have had bad yellow cards against us and in the game against Hull City, the most important thing of the game was not Cahill [not being booked], it was Fiilpe Luis with almost a broken leg.

‘In the last two weeks both Filipe Luis and Eden Hazard could now be with broken legs, these are the two crucial things in the last few weeks from my matches, and people talk about Cahill in a game with the result 2-0, and against West Ham, a good game, 2-0 which could be 4-0 or 5-0, Valencia made a very bad dive at the end of the game and people speak about Ivanovic.

‘Today it is a game between two good sides, a difficult match with not many opportunities and the ref makes a wrong decision. He just made a mistake, I don’t say more than that.’

‘We have played well since the beginning of the season and we are top of the league in the first part of the season because that is what we deserve and is a consequence of our work. In the second part of the season we try to do the same thing.

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