Real Madrid 1-2 Atletico Madrid (1-1 at end of regulation)

It could be a sign on the future of Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid as both got ejected during the Copa Del Rey final vs Atletico.


Coach Mourinho: “It is not a fair result, but that’s the way it is”

“When the score was 1-1 and you hit the post three times you do not need to be a footballing genius to realise that it is not normal. If at least one of those three shots had gone in we’d have won the match. I think we should have won the match inside 90 minutes, but we did not manage that and then they scored in extra time, we had two clear chances for Higuain and Ozil. It is not the result we deserved, but that’s the way it is. In football everything is forgotten about, refereeing, hitting the post … The history books will remember the winner and that is Atletico”.

“My career has been over many years, not just one. I don’t know anyone, however good they are, that always has fantastic seasons. This is the worst season of my career, with a title that is not enough for me or a club like Real Madrid. It is a bad season, with a final, a semi-final, a second place and a Super Cup. What for many would be a good season is my worst”.

“I have failed this season. In the first season to win the cup after many years, reach the semi-final for the first time for a long time and fight until the end in the league is not a failure. Neither is in the second season, having won the league against the best team in the world and to win it like we did. We lost in the Champions League on penalties in the semi-final and I cannot take penalties. The third season has been a disappointment, a failure or whatever you want to call it. When things are going well the credit goes to everyone and when things go badly it is the coach’s fault. We’ve been close … but that does not exist in football. It has been my worst season. For many it would be good, but it’s bad for me because I have never not won a big title. The Super Cup is little return and when responsibility falls to a single person, you can say that I have failed this season”.