French Ligue 1 week 4: AS Monaco 6-1 Olympique Marseille

Monaco and PSG are the only two clubs with 4 wins in 4 matches. The French champion destroyed a pale Marseille side with a striking fist half ending 4-0.

Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco are also the only two club to have scored 6 goals in the game this season (PSG 6-2 v. Toulouse).

Today Monaco showed it’s a team that will fight for the title again this year. The club from the Principality lost its jewel Kylian Mbappe to its rivals PSG on a loan with an automatic buyout clause for $185M which will make the French teenager (he will turn 19 later this year) the second most expensive player in the history after Neymar, also acquired by PSG! This is honestly ridiculous and matter for vomiting. 



Dembélé acquired by FC Barcelona from Dortmund for $160M clearly said he does not think he is worth this money. Football is more than ever poisoned by money from the Gulf. 

Nauseous to say the least. 

Coach Jardim comments on the win:

“The first half completely decided the match. We put pressure on our opponent. We did not let Marseille play. OM likes to play ball and does not like being in a hurry. The intensity of the first half decided the game.

After the first 20 minutes, I saw OM in great difficulty. That said, Marseille is a big club, one of the most important in France. When I was young, it was the one we heard about in Portugal. It must be respected. It’s just a football game. The most important thing in Monaco is the team. One does not usually think that a player is more important. The project of our club is to bring out the best players. Falcao, he’s a big striker. He will score a lot. But the most important is his attitude. He presses and tackles. He is a true team player. This is the real Falcao that I knew in Porto. And he must be very happy about that”

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