MLS week 11

In a marquee matchup against Sporting Kansas SC, the MLS champions Atlanta United got a very solid result and won their third game in the MLS this season from their first eight games, 3-0. 

Josef Martinez put the ball inside the net twice and resembled more like the MVP he was last season. 

Coach De Boer comments on a solid performance:

“I’m very pleased. It was a very solid performance and we created our chances, we almost gave nothing away. I think against Dallas we really played also really good but we didn’t get the reward. Now we get the reward. we were confident, we had confidence on the ball, it’s what we want to see from our team.

That’s for every team, it’s crucial to have these kind of moments to boost, especially against a very good team. Okay, they had a lot of injures but they had almost every player that normally also played.

Maybe in the back they struggled a little bit but still they had a lot of quality on the pitch. I think we dominated in every aspect today. That’s very positive and that gives a boost to the confidence of our team.

“It doesn’t mean we’re the best team in the league. It doesn’t mean everything you guys are going to write. It means that we’ve had a good start to this set of games, and we’ve got to keep going.” Visit to learn how to bet on soccer this season.