MLS welcome LAFC for first ever game

LAFC signed first ever win against a title contender at Seattle Sounders away from home. What a way to start off the franchise for coach Bradley as he comments after the 1-0 at Sounders’ home:

“After [the first 25 minutes] it was more about fighting and defending,” Bradley told reporters after the game. “But when you’re starting out as a team, you have to learn how to win different kinds of games. So, a lot of positives, great to win, still a lot of work to do.

We talked today, you only get one chance for [a first game] to show what you’re all about. And I don’t think we showed football-wise what we’re capable of. But that’s only going to get better. I’m very confident as we build this team we’re going to see some real football.”

Battle of LA is on after just one game…!

LA Galaxy also won their first game against Portland Timbers 2-1 at home. After a very disappointing season last year, the LA Galaxy look forward to success. Coach Schmid comments on the win:

“We wanted to get a victory, so getting three points is the most important thing. I know sometimes it looked a little parlous in the back there, but that doesn’t matter to me. We also had enough opportunity at the other end to score another four or five. So, It’s still about finishing those chances, making good use of them.

I was happy with our team effort, our willingness to battle for each other and play for each other I thought was outstanding.”

New York FC also started well their 2018 MLS campaign with a big win at Sporting Kansas 2-0.

Coach Viera hailed the performance from his players:

“I don’t think too many teams will come here to [Kansas City] and win games. That’s why I’m really proud of the team.

I think in the first 15 minutes we had to weather the storm a little bit. They were doing a good job of keeping the ball, pressing, turning us over a little bit.

Of course, when you play against [Sporting KC], away from home, there is a part of the game where you will suffer. And in that part, we didn’t concede a goal, and that was good for us.

Toronto FC fell at home to Columbus Crew

The champions lost their inaugural match against a solid opponent as TFC captain Midfielder Bradley reacts:

“We gave away bad goals at bad times; put ourselves behind the eight ball on a difficult day. There is no place else to look other than at ourselves. We have to be better, get sharper, and grow into the season. Because this is what a lot of days will be like. We put this behind us quickly, get ready for a huge game on Wednesday.”

Coach Vanney added:

“The last two or three minutes of the first half and the first two or three of the second half defined the result. The second half, we made an adjustment to press the game higher, changed our shape and took risks on the back. We won balls in much better places, started attacks much higher up the field. We were in and around their box more.”

“[Created] two or three clear-cut chances that we need to punish them for those opportunities. They punished [us] on our mistakes; we need to punish them for theirs. And we didn’t. When that happens, you don’t come away with a win on the day.”