By Alton Costa

Last weekend, Brescia, the lioness of Italy showed her claws to Inter and foddered a very positive game. This has contributed for the right mind frame to face a more accredited Juventus side. The absent list of 11 players which included Melo and Krasic, who have been instrumental during this season’s start, made it a very unpredictable game.

As expected, Brescia did not fear Juventus and from the initial stages of the game, they were very confident in defense, nullifying Juventus’ attacks. A couple of occasions for both sides from Caracciolo and Ader who hit the post from a distant shot and Qualiarella who has been the most dangerous ‘bianconeri’ player, who also saw one of his hopeful shots stamp against the post.

Juventus' Mohamed Sissoko (R) and Brescia's Andrea Caracciolo jump for the ball during their Italian Serie A soccer match in Brescia November 10, 2010. REUTERS/Imagesport (ITALY - Tags: SPORT SOCCER IMAGES OF THE DAY)

A stalemate for all the first half, very tactical but never spectacular. The sense midfield of Brescia did not allow Aquilani to shine as usual and consequently Juventus’ flow has been choked.

Second half, Juventus came in with a different mentality and the midfield’s aggressiveness permitted the wingers to flow. A delightful cross from Grosso, permitted Quariarella to anticipate the goalie. 1 – 0 for Juventus. Brescia’s reaction did not delay, when Diamante foddered a winning diagonal, a gem of a goal which he will never forget. To mention the pitiful opposition offered by Motta, very disappointment defensive performance from the fullback.

Apart from a possible foul in the area from Bonucci over Caracciolo and the last minute missed occasion from Quariarella, the game did not have anything else to offer.

1 – 1 the score, honor to the Brescia team. As for Juventus, coming Saturday they have a big test against Roma which will indicate their true credentials for this season.