By Mark Vincent Lincir, Editor-In-Chief

Cristiano’s scissor moves look awfully pretty…but he and his team are out of the Champions League now. By contrast, Messi’s moves are simple, clean and unstoppable and his team will once again prove that it is the best club in the world.

When was the last time I did six scissor moves in succession to beat a defender?

Never…don’t need to. I dip into my bag of two tricks and either pull out a Preki windup or go with the Messi body swerve (and no, I don’t hoot and holler if the move works…like I hear all the posers doing nowadays!).

So why are so many coaches out there teaching a bunch of step overs and scissor moves mixed with a cartwheel and maybe a karate chop? It might look cool…but is it effective?

Messi is the most effective player in the world. Ronaldo is an extremely talented player…and he can lead a team to greatness…but I enjoy watching the simplicity and humbleness of Messi.

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It’s what we have to get back to in this game…from the youth level all the way to the top…beauty in simplicity.

The goal is to get around the defense and into the goal…no need to pose around the ball and dance on it all day long…just get by the defender with a little body swerve to get them off balance and away you go. Then rip the ball upper corner like Messi did today against Stuttgart and be on your way to the quarterfinals.

What was Stuttgart’s defense doing on that first goal? Let’s take the best player in the world who we all know is left footed and let him cut in on his left foot…then let’s let him dribble all the way to the top of the box before four of us sort of close him down.

Good strategy! 4-0…5-1 on aggregate…good-bye! It is refreshing to see any magician at work nowadays, because in reality there are so few.

Besides Messi, who can you truly say that you are blown away with by what they do on the field everytime you see them play?

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  1. Messi is clearly the best player in the world. There is no way to compare him with Cristiano Ronaldo right now. Why ? simple thing.. just watched the Champions League.. Barcelona is still in, Real Madrid said goodbye to it for the sixth time in a row in the round of 16…
    Ronaldo was not there before but still you judge a player on his ability to succeed as a team. He was the best with Man Utd… not now!!
    and Rooney is currently my favorite #2.. he is just awesome right now

    Barca vs Man Utd in Quaterfinals ??? would be FANTASTIC!

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