FC Barcelona 6-1 Celta Vigo

Barcelona keep on the impressive run to lead the Liga with 3 points over Atletico and 4 over Real Madrid with also one less game played. Celta Vigo is a very good tema sitting at the 8th spot in the league but it was too much Barcelona and too much Suarez who had a thee-kick for his league best 23rd in 26 games played. The most interesting came at the 8th minute when a penalty was awarded to FC Barcelona. Messi too the initiative but instead of going for a kick, he subtiletly passed the ball to Suarez who converted it. This was amazing and artistic. See the video below:

Coach Luis Enrique comments after the win:

“Against Celta there are no easy games, it is a difficult team to beat, but we were spectacular and effective and we were better than them. When our players have clear scoring chances they are game-changers and, thanks to that, we were able to beat them. I’m used to seeing these players; when they train, they are even better.”

“I’ll take the way all the players took part and that we are very happy for this victory, which really strengthens us. The Barça players, besides winning titles, want to have fun on the pitch and entertain the members.”

Andres Iniesta

“My reaction to the penalty was one of surprise because of the way they ran it, but I’m happy it was a goal. You can take them like that too. Maybe the play was for Neymar. Personally, I haven’t seen them work on that in training, but I am convinced it was planned.”

“We are the first ones to try to respect our opponents and the way they play. I do not think that the penalty was disrespectful.”

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