Mark Lincir

Why Even Play the Final?
Mark Lincir, Editor-In-Chief of 90:00 Minutes Soccer Magazine

Does anyone in their right mind think that Real Salt Lake will actually beat David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy next weekend in the MLS Cup?

Come on! It’s too perfect and nobody, let alone RSL is going to get in the way of MLS’…oops, I mean the Galaxy’s fairy tale season. First Beckham was out, then he was in, then Landon was quoted as wanting him out if he didn’t truly want in.

Then the man of the hour…Bruce Arena stepped in and soothed everybody’s nerves and then the Galaxy went on this miraculous run after a 1-1-9 start to the season to end up where we are now…as MLS Cup Champions a week before the Final will even be played.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I hate the playoffs. Soccer is a game about gobbling up points and getting out so far ahead that nobody can catch you and you are champ. It’s not about doing the best you can all season and then doing the best you can again after the season.

RSL in the final? Last year it was the Red Bulls and you will never hear me call them a good club…well, unless they actually get good. Now another eight seed has squeaked its way into the Final. Shame on the higher seeds for not knocking them out, but credit to RSL for getting through to the Final.

So now we are faced with the pre-determined outcome of next week’s final in Seattle…a Galaxy victory if for some reason you still aren’t catching my drift. For a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2005, this is true redemption and a true gift to get RSL in the final.

The Galaxy will not lose, they have destiny, TV ratings and promotional people everywhere on their side. They also have Beckham, Landon, Omar and Bruce! From laughing stock to champions they will be next weekend. Landon will certainly be named the League’s Most Valuable Player and the club can claim Rookie of the Year…Omar, Coach of the Year…Bruce and MVP…Landon in addition to its Championship Title.

Am I an RSL hata? No, I’m not and I actually like Jason Kries, Findley and Rimando a lot. But they don’t belong in the Final. The Galaxy does, because they possess all the glitz and glamour and drama that the league desperately needs to be showcased on the national stage. And they’ll get it on Sunday in front of millions of fans who will already know the outcome of the game, just like we all like our professional sports nowadays.


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