Premier League week 26:

Chelsea got a serious beatdown at Manchester City in a all but competitive game. Man City humiliated the visitors 6-0! Agüero scored another treble and Sterling added a brace in the rout. 

Never the Blues came into this game as they were down 4-0 after just 25 minutes. Chelsea had beaten Manchester City 2-0 last fall. Today it shows the difference in class between a club fighting for the Premier League title and a club fighting for the fourth place good for Champions League. Manchester City sent signals to Liverpool they will be there until the last match. 

Man City coach, Guardiola, on an amazing performance:

“We played good, the first four times we arrived we scored. Sergio made an incredible goal, but it wasn’t easy, we defended deeper like never before.

They had one chance but they caused problems and found the space. Scoring Six goals against Chelsea is not easy. Not just for today, but for Arsenal and Everton too. Now we can have two days rest and start preparing for Newport (in the FA Cup next Saturday). 

The desire to want to do the best is incredible and similar,” Pep stated. “For us to get 100 points, break all records and continue to push them and push them.

These guys work a lot. The only way I know is the more you win more you have to work. The only way we can maintain the level and compete against Tottenham and Liverpool. Liverpool have a bigger trophy room than us, so to be there (at the top of the Premier League table means a lot!”

Chelsea coach, Sarri was ashamed:

“It is not easy. In the beginning we played better away than at home, now we play better at home than away, something has changed. At the moment I am not able to see the reason but I have to work for this, because my target is to play my football, it is not to change to another football. At the moment we are playing another football.

My feeling during the week was really very good, yesterday during the meeting it was really very good and in the warm-up it was really very good. So my feeling was that in this match, the motivation was at the right level.

We started well and then we conceded the goal after four minutes in a stupid way. At that moment we only had to stay in the match but we were not able with the mind to do that as we made a lot of mistakes against the wrong opponents, as we have to say also that Manchester City played fantastic football.”


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