BPL day 3: Everton 0-2 Manchester City

Coach Pellegrini reacts on the win:

“It was a very professional performance against a strong team at Goodison. In both halves we were consistent and solid, and we had more chances to score than Everton.

“Again we scored two and kept a clean sheet so I think we are working very well as a team in both defence and attack.”

He added: “In the Premier League, when you play away it is tough. We analysed what happened last season and although it wasn’t a disaster because we finished second and we were the team who scored the most goals, we were not consistent through the whole year.

“We lost points against teams who were fighting relegation, so I think after three games you can see we have learnt those lessons. It is only August and we finish in May, so it is important to keep playing, working and thinking in the same way as we are doing.”

On Sterling:

“I said when he arrived here that he is a different player, and we didn’t have a player with his characteristics last season. He is a very important player in one v ones near the box, and it was a beautiful pass in for Aleks who finished very well. For the second goal it was a beautiful pass from Toure.

“But it is important to say that we are just starting the season, and have played only three games. Now after Watford we are going to play eight games a month so it is important to have all the squad involved in our target for the year.”

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