Premier League week 27

Liverpool could not score on Manchester United as the two red teams settle for a draw, 0-0. The leaders only have a 1-point lead over Manchester City and both teams will fight for the title until the end. 

the Reds also lost one of their most important players, Firmino, to an ankle injury. 

Coach Liverpool, Klopp on a disappointing result:

“We have a point more and that’s good. I think before the game, the shape United were in before, a lot of people would have expected it is the worst moment to face United. When we started the game it was brilliant actually, we started exactly like we wanted to start. It was direct, we played in behind, we wanted to be there, we followed the ball, we pressed high and it was all really good. And then the injury crisis started.

A lot of interruptions and things like that and it was obvious it cost us the rhythm. I don’t say it should happen, but it happened obviously and I cannot explain exactly why. It was a completely strange game, playing around without really speed. Speed in the wrong moment, chip in the wrong moment. The first half was OK, second half was a little bit less so it’s now a 0-0.

The rest were set-pieces from United. I would say they are pretty dangerous, so we had to be 100 per cent concentrated, we were 100 per cent concentrated. That’s good, we kept the high line so they were offside when they scored the offside goal and that’s all good. But of course we expect from ourselves to play better football.

Today the performance was good enough for a draw at United and everyone feels it could have been more. That’s true, we feel the same, but it’s still a point.”

On the rest of the season:

“Now we have to use that. We will play on Wednesday again against a team full of confidence with Watford scoring five at Cardiff, coming now to Liverpool in a brilliant atmosphere. We have to be ready again and we try everything to be ready again. 

This club, the heart and soul of this club, is passion.We all have to learn in these situations, the only way we can do it is with passion. On Wednesday night we have another chance and then there’s the derby. It is always a very emotional game so again passion.

Today was like deconstructing here and there and in the end, we had to fight. It was a different fight to what we expected and we didn’t adapt exactly like we should have. We know where we are coming from and we know where we are. Now, let’s make sure we use the situation as good as possible and then we will see where it ends for us.”