Europa League semifinal: Villareal 1-0 Liverpool

A goal at the last minute of the game sealed a short victory for the Spanish club giving a short edge over the Reds. The return leg is set to be a must-watch as the two teams strike for a Final game.

Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool FC coach on the game:

They are a good side, but Liverpool are a good side too and in an away game, playing football like this, controlling a game like this in most parts of the game, I think is not too usual. Then, the 92nd minute, a counter-attack – it sounds like it is, not too good and everybody knows it and it should not happen. We had this great moment with Alberto [Moreno], we had the header with Christian [Benteke], and so maybe a little bit the youth came into their minds. Until then, it was a professional performance and that was OK. It is the first leg and my first thinking when everybody was celebrating around me was ‘sorry, but it’s not over – you have to come to Anfield too’. We will be ready.

On whether he thought about bringing on a second striker earlier…

Phil [Coutinho] was ill. We had one or two situations in defence with set-pieces and Christian can help us in this situation – and that was the only reason. It was not really for attacking, but we had this moment and I thought it wasn’t a bad idea [to bring Benteke on]. We had no luck. I was really, really, really disappointed when I came in the dressing room and everybody told me [Adam] Lallana was not offside, which I was pretty sure of. In big games you need right decisions, but it is like it is.

On his confidence for the second leg…

I am no more or less confident then I was before the game. I have more information now – and I know about this tournament and if you win today 1-0 what would have happened? It’s not that we’d say it was a holiday time at home [for the second leg]. Now we have to rule a few things, we have to find solutions for a few things, but I saw we are in a good way. I know and saw a lot of things that showed we can [win the second leg]. It doesn’t mean that we will, but with the help of Anfield we can do a lot. Please don’t compare everything with Dortmund, but things are possible and 1-0 is not the biggest result in the world. I think now Villarreal know more about us and now we have more respect. We were an English team, a big name, but no quality. Now we are an English team, big name, better quality and we will try everything.

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