Premier League week 16

Liverpool got the best of Man Utd and take over top spot from Man City, in the Premier League. Another great night of football at Anfield saw a relentless Liverpool getting the best of a very timid Man United side. The predictions were right on for the winning team as they continue their great run. 

The home team finally put the game to sleep thanks to sub Shaqiri who came and scored a brace in less than 10 minutes. Once again coach Klopp prevailed and his coaching proved to be superior than the tactics Mourinho had in mind. 

The German coach and Guardiola are the best tow technicians in the Premier League and they are showing it e very weekend in a very competitive championships. Manchester United is relegated to 19 points behind the leaders and will have to battle to make it to top 4. 

Coach Klopp on beating down a rival:

“The brilliant start was one of the best performances we had since I’m in Liverpool, to be honest, not only this season. The first half an hour was outstanding, outstanding. We scored only once but I don’t think anyone expects to score three, four, five times or whatever. How we played was just perfect, really.

We tried to pass in the right areas, we accelerated, we wanted the ball back. We played in behind the line, stuff like that. It was just good. Then after half an hour we lost the momentum of the game a little bit. They scored and it was a bit more open. I had no problem with the half-time whistle, honestly, and then we could adjust a few things.

It was not that I thought then that United were manning the game or whatever, but it was just a bit more open. Then they changed and when Fellaini is on the pitch it is never a good sign for the other team, to be honest, because these balls are really difficult to defend. But we did even that really well tonight. So, we stayed in the game, got the dominance back step by step and then Shaq closed the game.

Unbelievable, it’s really nice and I think absolutely deserved tonight. You need a bit of luck, what we needed for both goals with the deflections. But bringing the situations, having these moments, that was football, huh? The first goal: what a goal, what a goal. It was brilliant and exactly like they have to do it – fantastic pass, super control and a fantastic finish. That’s how it should be. It was a nearly perfect night for us.”