Borussia Dortmund 4-1 Real Madrid

After Bayern passed 4 goals to Spain giant Barcelona, another German squad put on a demonstration vs Real Madrid. After home legs Germans are up 8-1 vs Spaniards..

Coaches reactions:

Real Madrid – Mourinho:

“I saw one team superior to the other, with more physical and mental aggression. We all agree that the best team won. My feeling is that every goal came from a mistake and there were others that the goalkeeper had to make tough saves against, and I am unable to see from the bench whether the second goal was offside, or if the penalty was one or not. We lost the ball and when you don’t make good use of it in the first phase it is difficult”.

“I have been at Real Madrid for three years and I’ve met important people that from the club’s history and they have explained many things to me. One of those is that metaphorical feeling at home matches that make what seems impossible at times to not be. In football nothing is impossible, there is hope. In the group, if you ask them right now, everyone will say it is not possible, but within half an hour some will already start to say that it is. On Tuesday, everyone will be ready to go out to give everything and to try everything, in football anything is possible. If we get knocked-out by Borussia on Tuesday then so be it, but they will have had to suffer and Real Madrid’s players will end the match with nothing left to give”.

Borussia Dortmund Klopp

The first 25 minutes were great and then we lost a bit of our game. Not so much but enough to let them come up,” Klopp said. “They got (level) and at the break we told the players: ‘Maybe you think there was a wrong decision by the referee but in the last game we had a wrong decision from the referee and we had the winner. Go back to the strong first 25 minutes’.”