UEFA Champions League: Leicester City 2-1 Club Brugge
Four wins and one draw in the Champions League group is enough for LCFC to win the group with still one game to be played. It is hard to imagine this scenario whereas in the Premier League, the club lacks confidence and stagnates in the second half of the table far away from the leaders… But in the Champions League the club continues to write history by advancing to the knockout-round on its first ever participation!
Coach Ranieri relates on the brilliant accomplishment:
“It is unbelievable, to be top of the group. I am very happy and very proud. I am happy for my players, for my chairman, for the fans – for everybody. We have another journey now through the knock-out. Unbelievable. It is very important to be top of the group but our minds must now go on the Premier League because I want to push my players to think about the Premier League. 
Now our job is done. We won the group. I don’t know which team we will play but it will be a fantastic team. But now we have to go back. In the Premier League we are very close to the relegation and we must play at the same level as the Champions League because when we want to do something we achieve something. We must concentrate on the Premier League now.
Of course they are lacking confidence because in the Premier League when something happens they score a goal. And tonight their first chance they score. It was their first shot on goal. Unbelievable. We have to change this mood.”

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