Premier League 2016-17

Fixture 1: Hull City 2-1 Leicester City

Rough start of the season for the champions with an unexpected 2-1 defeat at Hull. There are high expectations for the club after winning the League last season and keeping most of the core squad for the 2-16-17 campaign. Coach Ranieri discusses the first game away loss:

“We tried to win. We created good chances – good chances to score. We were unlucky and then from a corner, we weren’t maybe so smart and they were smart to score the first goal. 
We equalised immediately from the start of the second half and when we went on the counter attack, we lost the ball on halfway and they scored again.  After that it was a very tough match and we tried to do our best but we made a lot of effort individually, but not so well as a team.
I’m very pleased with the number of chances we created but of course I want to see a team. Our strength is as a team. Today we were better, harder, but not like a team.  When I played with four strikers it was important to play with [Ahmed] Musa and Riyad [Mahrez] very wide. They wanted to score and they went very close.
This season is harder. It’s harder but we must compete very well. Better than today with more attitude and motivation because that is our strength.”

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