Real Madrid sensationally crowned their incredible record 12th Uefa Champions league title on Saturday night after sealing a brilliant and exciting 4-1 win against Juventus in a particular battle that was described as the most classic in the modern era. perhaps Ronaldo stamped his extraordinary legacy and his genius instinctive finishing trademark yet in another prestigious occasion when bracing a double to inspire Madrid cruising to this victory which in fact underlined a far deeper assessment of vital winning strings leading to this historic achievement, being the first team to win the cup back-to-back and the impossible record of championship no teams would be even stand a chance to get close with. Juventus started the game with more ambitious, monitoring the holding areas of midifled with Pijanic and Khedira eagerly rotating the open play initiation between the midfield and defense with effective mobility off the ball to anticipate winning spaces as Khedira shielding the back line and their solid back three while Pijanic orchestrating passing moves from deep to combine with Dybala to roam with freedom and generating neat short link up with their strikers as Alves and Sandro sparking overlaps on the flanks, their intent looked fine to control the balance of impact pressing and holding vital possession for their three lying passers keeping Madrid’s creative players away from dangerous positions across the midfield, pushing them a bit into wide areas and limiting them from fierce change of tempo link up that would kill any team. indeed Juventus’s willingness to push little higher up the pitch with constant opening up runs allowed Madrid to exploit the gap eventually during Italian’s possession as it was provided by their superbly adapted spark of tempo In transition, Kroos turned and played Ronaldo on the right before he combined with Carvajal fine overlap run at his wide before being easily set up with return pass and smashing the opener. later a fantastic combination between Sadro’s bursting forward and his midair link up with Higuain sliced a fine touch and hooked ball by Mandzukic to smash his scissor volley into the far post to level terms. but the second half Real entirely dictated the pace of attack with their quick link up from pressing, constant change of combination tempo with Isco orchestrating brilliant skills while Modric-kroos simply ignited their famouss neat interchanges to sustain a desirable possession for midfield’s higher mobility to interact with pressing line as their defense sharply closing down Dybala’s energetic passing combination supported by central players while his enthusiastic maneuver and touches which indicated as Italian side’s main flash of creativity to deliver in attack slowly was vanished. once Madrid regained their fluid rhythm of precise short build-ups ignited by Modric and Kross from deep then Isco inspired strings of brilliant individual skills, incisive dribbling interplays and fluid interchanging to dominate the final third while their energetic wingbacks Marcelo and Carvajal more enthusiastically sprinting forward to combine with Roanldo and Benzema to exchange timely off the ball exchanges to break deep press in an explosive partnership imposed by the role of “false number nine” underneath of last forward, interestingly; the attempt equally offered both Ronaldo and the French man to play that role in the wake of Juve’s failed marksman task. they created flowing chances to exploit Juve’s back three, while consistently forming overlaps with Modric and Kroos fine inside drifting to stretch the spaces behind Italian’s full back and their defensive holding plays. Modric’s timely breaking play of Khedira that caused by their high up the pitch pressure offered time and space for Carvajal to join and perfectly played a fine overlap with Modric as Croatian’s short inswing pint point ended with Ronaldo breaking inside both Bonucci and Chiellini to tuck his lovely curling shot past Buffon. Madrid produced a very dynamic and fluid passing vision as it eventually disjointed Juve’s midfield and with their brilliant gear of dynamic play, spontaneous change of pace and rhythmic passing tempo in transition from defense to attack to storm the most fierce movements all over the pitch, forcing Juventus to desperately losing their balance of press and possession based play as much as disintegrating their shape of fluid passing transitions into open midfield spaces as the result of Madrid’s dynamic short interchanges dismantling Italians from tracking open positions and less time to get hold of the ball which in fact was combined with continuity of speed to win spaces engineered by a range of technically adapted spark of tempo at possession by likes of Isco, Modric and Kross and perhaps Ronaldo’s sheer instinctive skills along with Benzema’s intelligent anticipation.

Real deservedly sealed the title in courtesy of their extraordinary european pedigree, enthusiastic tactical structure, adapted strategic vision of reacting and possessing the matches, those factors are inspired by their depth of promising squad and efficient of balanced quality between their xi and bench players and for their superb game plan flexibility proved as decisive this season again. Ronaldo is enjoying the most glittering chapter of his incredible career that would be seen as a major evidence of his iconic status while suggesting an ultimately fair claim for considering him as the most successful player ever existed in the history as of now. Zidan has transformed this real Madrid team from a traditional contender to the rank of the most dominant club in the modern era after this achievement. it is so hard to believe any football club would come near to Madrid’s records in European competition possibly ever for decades and surely we are convinced Real are and must be identified as the most glorious club in the history, they are the king of world’s best club championships.